The Art of Making the Ask

Whether God has given you a vision for a neighborhood, a city, or a whole country, effectively reaching people far from Him and helping them become the Church is eventually going to require more time, talent or money than you have.


You can’t do this alone, which means you need to master the art of the ask. Practicing these three pieces will help you be ready.

  • Tell a Story – preferably an exciting one.
    There is some event or experience or both that God used to grab your heart and compel you to go all in. That story is the why. Telling it well connects other peoples heart to your heart and together to God’s heart.
  • Paint a picture – preferably an inviting one.
    There is a future God’s put on your heart to make real. That picture is the where. Painting it well makes people want to go there with you.
  • Describe the Steps – preferably simple ones.
    There is a way to get from where you are to where God is calling you go. Those steps are the how. Describing them clearly gives people steps to take.

Can you think of someone God has given time, talent or treasure that could help reach the people you care about? Tell the story. Paint the picture. Describe the steps. Make the ask.

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