Using Technology for Discipleship

One way to build relational bonds with the people who volunteer in your area, or the people that you are intentionally developing spiritually is using technology. I personally feel that the best discipleship environment is a small group or 3-4 running partners. That way, if the right culture is created in the group, the members of the group spur one another on even more than the leader could do alone. I find you really can’t spiritually develop people without face to face contact at least every couple of weeks. But Technology can significantly help bridge the gap relationally. Even as I was typing this, I got a prompting to shoot a text of encouragement to a guy I’m building into–it’s easy. But a lot of daily touches through text, email, skype, facetime can significantly increase your relational impact in people’s lives.

Get in the habit of regular daily Tech-touches with the 10 or so people who volunteer around you, or who you are trying to disciple or lead to faith. Here are some ideas, but get creative:
Text – Text a prayer you’re asking on their behalf. Cut and paste a verse from YouVersion and tell them it encouraged you and you wanted to share it with them. Let them know if God puts them on your mind to pray for them. See if anything in particular is up.
Email – Some people monitor email all day at work, if so, cut and paste a verse from with a short paragraph of your thoughts and note of encouragement. Email a weekly devotional thought to all your group, and find ways for them to do the same. You may want to set up a google group so that any email goes to all recipients. I have this with several boards and teams.
Skype / Facetime – I’m just amazed at how relational technology can be. We hold monthly ELI board meetings with multiple people on WebEx. I’ve done one-to-one counseling appointments on Skype.
Phone – Let’s not forget the simplicity of just a call or voicemail to see how they are doing.

We have options that we may not be using effectively to increase the relational depth of impact. Think about ways you can encourage, build up, spiritually shepherd those around you who volunteer or need spiritual input, and get creative with technology! It will never replace a small group or face to face meeting, but it does allow for increased touch.

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