We’re Hiring


We are looking for someone who can help us change the world. You’re emails will say “Executive Assistant.” We’ll call you “the one who makes us all look brilliant.”



  1. You love Jesus and live your life loving the people Jesus loved.
    ELI is all about mobilizing people into Jesus mission. If you’re not already one of those people, you’re just not going to get who we are or what we do.
  2. You get stuff done at the speed of now.
    Superman was faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. You get stuff done so fast people think you have superpowers too.
  3. You are a person people want to talk to.
    This is a fast paced, get things done, all about people kind of gig. That means when you answer the phone, people are glad to hear your voice and when you call people, they want to call you back.
  4. You are a digital native.
    We’re not talking you live in your parents basement and spend 18 hours a day on Facebook (see number 1). You simply live in a world where there is no physical and virtual because it’s all one and the same.
  5. You are sock drawer sick organized.
    You will know how to keep us organized because the books on your shelf are categorized and alphabetized, your bills are stacked in the order their due and your sock drawer, well… its sorted and stacked too.
  6. You know how to use our tools.
    There are lots of ways to work. We use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Webex, WordPress and whole bunch of other web powered tools. The more of these you already know how to use the better.
  7. You can work virtually.
    We don’t have an office and we won’t be providing you with one. You will be part of a virtual team that works anywhere anytime, which means you can live anywhere in the continental US as long as you have a fast and reliable connection.
  8. You have 5- hours of your day to focus on this.
    The rest of your day might be devoted to your family, your ministry, school or even another job. That’s ok. We need 5-6 hours of your day when you think about nothing but helping us change the world.

Interested? Send an email introducing yourself to jointheteam@elichurchplanting.com. Please attach a pdf of your resume.

One thought on “We’re Hiring

  1. Chad Harvey

    I had the privilege of going through Cultivate this past year. I love ELI and completely believe in the mission. Currently, I am planting Missional Communities in Salem, OR. Part of our vision for our model includes part-time jobs for our Pastors. I have a 24/7 office space with internet.

    I would love to have an opportunity to discuss this position further.

    Thank you.


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