Raising Up a Prayer Team

Experienced church planters know the intensity of spiritual warfare in the church planting environment. God plants His church through retaking enemy territory, by breaking down barriers and strongholds. Without prayer, the opposition is overwhelming.  Before starting a church every planter should be committed to personal prayer and to the formation of a prayer team.


Here are ten simple ideas for raising up a prayer team:

  1. Pray and ask God to raise people up to pray.
  2. Make a list of individuals who might want to pray regularly.
  3. Invite people from your planting church to join your prayer team.
  4. Communicate your expectations – Total confidentiality, regular communication, at least one weekly time in prayer focused on your plant.
  5. Develop a monthly Prayer e-Newsletter.
  6. Invite the prayer team to be involved in all events, gatherings and activities as a standard part of the execution of your plan.
  7. Calendar to personally contact all your prayer team monthly.
  8. Begin to pray for a Prayer Champion for your church.
  9. Focus your communication on the development of dependence on God in the planting process.
  10. Take some time to think through all the miracles from God that you are going to have to experience between now and the time the church is healthy, thriving, and reproducing.  Help your intercessors see the bigger vision!

 Who are you raising up to pray for your church plant?

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About John Herrington

John Herrington is the Director of Saturate Austin, Church Plant Training Center, for the Hill Country Bible Church NW in Texas. They have planted 22 churches to date in Austin and have structured a strategy to plant another 22 in the next five years. John's mission is to recruit, assess, coach and resource gospel centered, missional entrepreneurs who will plant church planting churches with a vision to reach every man, woman and child in greater Austin. His interests include People far from God, working in his yard (at the end of the day, something finished!), his wife, his kids, and working out at the gym. You can follow him on Twitter @john_herrington and check out hcbc.com/church planting

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