We’re Hiring! Missional Network Catalyst

Gateway Church in Austin and the Emerging Leadership Initiative are looking for a missional Global Network Catalyst.

Four years ago, Brian and Amy sat in church doing nothing because they were too new and “messy.” Today, with coaching and training, they lead 100 volunteers every week, serving food to 800 working poor families in extended stay motels. They also host a Sunday Service where 100 people, unwelcome in most churches, are exploring faith, and they are discipling people to lead groups in their motels.

We are seeing these Networks emerge around the globe in Knoxville, New York, Massachusetts, Australia, and Norway.

We need a missional leader to help catalyze this movement of Networks, raising the church out of the culture, all around the globe!

We are looking for:

  1. A Disciple Maker:  You planted a church or started a ministry that grew by making disciples.
  2. An Innovator.  You dream about trying something new.
  3. A Relator.  You make connections easily and persistently build on them.
  4. A Developer.  You turn ordinary people into extraordinary leaders.
  5. A Communicator. You speak and write clearly, consistently and concisely.

Want to know more?  Send an email to networkcatalyst@elichurchplanting.com and we will send you more details on the position, and how you can apply.

One thought on “We’re Hiring! Missional Network Catalyst

  1. Parmar Arpitkumar

    Dearest in Christ Jesus.

    My name is Pastor ArpitKumar. I am missionary in india and I have team of twenty pastors with me and together we have planted over 45 churches in parts og Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. We have planted in last two years among Hindus, tribal, rural and seven churches among cannibals. I am also training these pastors who are with me in bible school on Fridays and Saturdays. I was praying for more training and and equipping our youth in the churches. there are many young men who have call to be church planter but we don’t have funds to bring then to one place and train them for two three years in bible school to be church planters. we have over 60 million people in our state and many are dying without Gospel. Thank God for He has taken us to this 45 villages and we have Shawn them Jesus movie with the projector and than started bible studies and we have convert cell group into churches. In spite of anti conversion law in our Hindu state God has saved us many times for death though we have gone trough persecution God has saved us So that Gospel can Go to all 6000 villages in Gujarat and over 7000 villages in Madhya Pradesh. 65 to 70% of the Indian population lives into villages and rest of them lives into mega. metro and big cities. Whenever I think of My country I always have burden for villagers, They are very poor and without hope and As He moved with the compassion our hearts are crying for our people. there many churches and ministries are reaching cities in India but think about 65% of Indian population in India. In my team I have twenty formal Hindu farmers who change to preachers and church planters. Pray that we may reach to our vision in India.

    Pray for us and let me know how can I applied and join in the ELI Church planting.

    Because of His Grace Always,
    Pastor Arpitkumar


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