Are We Reproducing Mice or Elephants?

It takes 616 days for an elephant to reproduce.  Only 19 days for a mouse.  Which means that in the time it takes for elephants to multiply 1 generation mice can multiply 32 times.  I am not a biologist, but I assume at least part of the the explanation is the smaller the animal the faster it reproduces. Which in turn, begs the question, are you breeding elephants or mice?

Ask just about anyone (in the west) what a church is and they will describe a building where a group of people come each week to attend services which are provided by professionally trained pastors and accompanied by an often dizzying array of programs.

I’m not saying any of that is bad – it just sounds more like an elephant than a mouse and reproducing elephants takes a long time.  What if you focused instead on reproducing the smallest part of the “elephant”?

What if you trained every disciple to make another disciple, every leader to make another leader, ever group another group, every ministry another ministry?

Rapid multiplication of the smallest parts would eventually lead to multiplication of the largest whole.

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