Stories of Sifting

Ever feel a bit shaken, like you’re being sifted?

You are not alone!

Our friends at Exponential have lauched a very cool 20 day campaign of daily devotionals on the theme of “sifted.” The new Stories of Sifting web site is now live at
The goal:

Encouraging church planting
leaders to focus on their spiritual,
physical and emotional health as they
are sifted in the journey of ministry.

Every day the site posts a new story of a church planting leader’s
journey of sifting.  These stories are intended to inspire and encourage
planting leaders.   The team has spent the past couple of months researching and writing a series of essays on stories of sifting in the lives of 20+ Bible
leaders.   These short daily devotional stories are being written by a
professional writer in the storytelling style of Max Lucado.

Each entry highlights one devotional thought for leaders to think about.   The
collection of about 25 of these stories along with 25 similar essays from
national leaders will be packaged into a free eBook in the next few months.

Leaders can jump in any time!   You can participate by visiting Stories of Sifted, and by getting the word out on this great resource.

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